Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The $20 Bike Gets Coroplast Fenders and Baskets

A few folks expressed concern that my $20 dollar bike wasn't "Kented up" enough. I want to keep this project on a very low budget, and so far the main cost has been a couple of bucks worth of zip-ties. I scrounged the baskets and the coroplast campaign signs are free once the elections have passed. Adding the Princeton Tec EOS pretty much doubled the value of the bike but it's such a damn nice little light and I do a lot of night riding.

The coroplast strip under the basket doesn't keep the basket up, it keeps the front fender down! The front basket is great for holding snacks and a camera.

Please don't send in any "I can believe you are riding without a helmet!" comments. I took the wild risk of riding without my magical foam hat for this photo shoot but kids, don't try this at home!

The rear basket is extremely handy. For rainy weather, I'll wrap stuff up in a plastic bag to keep it dry back there.

I don't think I'll put a computer or Power Grips on this bike but it still seems zippy enough. Stay tuned for some ride reports.

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