Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Practical Pedal

All I know is what I read in my inbox, but this came into my Bicycle Alliance email address. It looks like it could be a cool magazine.


I am hoping you can pass this along to any of your interested members.

The first issue of the Practical Pedal will be out this summer and subscriptions are free right now. We're ad supported so subscriptions really mean a lot to us in terms of sustaining the magazine.

The Practical Pedal exists to normalize bicycling as transportation and drive advocacy from the consumer end. When the demand for bicycle-friendly infrastructure is made both by advocacy groups and unaffiliated transportation consumers, then cities will begin to implement it.

We're a quarterly publication and we cover all things related to using bicycles as transportation -- commuting, load hauling, maintenance tips, riding skills, and coverage of what our cities are doing to promote bicycling as a viable transportation alternative. But we're not just an activist publication. The Practical Pedal is written for the dedicated rider and the newbie alike. We believe strongly in expanding the pool of potential bike advocates by reaching out to those who think saddles are only for horses.

We also provide an affordable advertising venue for the smaller manufacturers that are driving the resurgence in practical bicycling.

So as I mentioned, subscriptions for this first year are free. You can subscribe at

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions you have. And feel free to pass this information along to anyone you think might be interested in writing for us, as we're always looking for new authors and subject matter.

Thank you for your time,


Wiley Davis
Editor, the Practical Pedal
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