Saturday, October 03, 2015

Coffeeneuring with Christine: Sweet Life Patisserie

I've often said that randonneuring is bicycling mixed with bookkeeping. Coffeeneuring is similar in that it involves bikes and rules but it adds hot beverages to the mix. You can see the full list of the rules at:

This year, Christine and I accepted the challenge and today was our first trip.

We chose one of our favorite places, The Sweet Life Patisserie, for our stop. We rode the Bike Friday Haul-a-Day that I am currently borrowing from work. I'm training for the Eugene Disaster Relief Trials in a few weeks and Christine is helping me out by serving as cute cargo this morning.

We shared a pot of Earl Grey tea. Christine had a hearty bagel and I had a wonderful serving of biscuits and gravy. We both also got little treats for later on.

The Sweet Life less than half a mile from our home so we added some distance by going to the Mini-Pet Mart to get some cat food, cat litter and a little treat for Inkling.

We are living the carfree dream in Eugene.

The Haul-a-Day is a terrific bike, but our future coffeeneuring adventures will probably involve other bikes since coffeeneuring doesn't require much cargo. We know we'll go to other places. One of the many rules of coffeeneuring says you can't repeat. We'll keep going to the Sweet Life (we go at least once a week) but for coffeeneuring credit and variety we'll be logging rides to other wonderful spots in Eugene. Stay tuned.

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