Sunday, October 11, 2015

Coffeeneuring with Christine: New Day Bakery and World Cafe

Christine is a Seahawks fan and the broadcast of today's game out east starts at 10:00 AM Pacific Time so we get our coffeeneuring trip in early. The streets are still damp from the rain yesterday afternoon and evening, but once again it's a beautiful morning in Eugene.


The New Day Bakery and World Cafe is one of our favorite places.

There's a bike rack in the courtyard. Even this early in the day, it's pretty full.

We always get a little something extra to go with our beverages. Sometimes, like this time, we get a lot extra to go with our beverages!

After breakfast we swing a couple blocks out of our way to see if the hippie mobile home is still for sale.

It is. Our basic distrust of motor vehicles and lack of driver's licenses prevent us from buying this.

$3,000 seems like quite a bargain for this much awesomeness, however.

Christine is very intrigued by this vehicle and since we first discovered it a few weeks ago, it's spurred many discussions about building a lightweight, bicycle-towed trailer along similar lines. We'd have to build something very light, that could fold into a low-profile so it would have minimal wind resistance while being towed.

Keep 'em rolling.

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