Sunday, March 02, 2014

Pictures from the 2014 Seattle Bike Expo

I normally work on the weekends so my virtually weekend is midweek, but Mike and Hughie said that they could handle things at the shop on Saturday March 1st, so folded up my scooter and hopped on the handy Sound Transit 554 bus from Issaquah to Seattle. Once I got to downtown Seattle, I scootered off in the general direction of the Seattle Bike Expo.

Along the way, I stopped to check out this sculpture. It is not as delicious as it appears.

It was a nice, overcast morning in Seattle. In the background of this shot you can see the Seattle waterfront Chump Hoister and several of the metal dinosaurs that always seem ready to attack the city.

I scootered north on the waterfront bike path with bikes on the brain. At the Expo I saw about a zillion people I knew and there was lots of bike stuff. This is by no means an exhaustive report, but here are a few photos of some of what I saw.

There is always a big display of classic bikes. This Orange Crate brought back memories of my youth.

This speed record bike would not be a good choice for hill climbing.

A lot of the bikes have a great story behind them. This is Doris Kopsky's championship bike.

One of the coolest things at the Expo were these lovely wood bike stands.

A little more detail on the stands. If you want one, contact the folks at Elliott Bay Bicycles.

Peter is the inventor of the BikeBok, a light, weatherproof, secure alternative to panniers. Peter and his family live on Whidbey Island. In a note from the "it's a small world" department, Peter's wife Beth and my wife Christine have been friends since 7th grade!

Here's another shot of the BikeBok. It doesn't require a rack but attaches securely to a wide range of bikes via a clever seatpost bracket and a modified quick-release fitting at the bike's rear axle.

In case you were thinking "I like my helmet, but I wish it looked dorkier", the folks at Hectic Helmet Hair have you covered.

Hectic Helmet Hair is available in a range of non-subtle colors.

The CruzBike folks were showing off their light, front wheel drive recumbents.

Morgan Scherer is always ready to chat about family and cargo bikes. She and Maddi (@familyride) Carlson took turns staffing the Cargo and Family Bike booth.

Another bike proponent of Family and Cargo biking is my buddy Davey Oil. Davey pedals what he preaches out of his shop G&O Family Cyclery and he had a variety of "Oh my god that's so cool" bikes on display.

Of course I spent a lot of time catching up with people I know and I connected in real life with a few folks I'd only known through my blog or Twitter. Sally Hunt and I had to do that selfie thing that all the kids and world leaders are doing these days.

My buddy Joe Kurmaski kept the crowd enthralled with his old-time preacher revival-style stories of life on the road.

I got a deal on this copy of one of Joe's books 'cause he'd scribbled in it.

It's a proven fact that if you want to get more internet traffic, you should add pictures of cats to your blog. So here you go. I cast my "People's Choice" vote for this picture in the Bike Expo Photo Contest.

There were a ton of bikes I didn't take pictures of, eventually things begin to blur together. As I left the Expo, I did see this old moped, which caught my eye.

Anyhow, it's Sunday morning now. The Bike Expo runs for one more day in Seattle, so if it's March 2nd when you're reading this, you can still go. If not, there's always next year.

Keep 'em rolling,

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah WA USA


Unknown said...

Nice highlights on the Expo. I like the BikeBox concept, though it did remind me of a certain janitorial apparatus...

Jolene said...

Thanks for sharing, Kent! I would love that bike bok for gardening, but it looks like it won't fit if you have a rear rack... T or F? Also, I wrote down that bus #! :-0)

Kent Peterson said...

Yep, the BikeBok replaces both a rack and panniers. You don't need a rack and the BikeBok won't fit over one.

Anonymous said...

Great write up. I will go next year for sure.