Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cycling Sojourner

The Cycling Sojourner books are the print equivalent of having a pal who enthusiastically says "Do you want to go on a bike trip? I know the best spot!" Ellee Thalheimer and her friends have done a lot of riding around Oregon and Washington and, more importantly, they've done a lot of work in making note of great places to stay, to eat, to see and remember. They've taken pictures, drawn maps, done the work of checking the mileage and finding the good roads to ride. The result of a couple of years of effort (fun effort, but still effort!) are two compact guides detailing some of the best bike touring spots in two very beautiful states.

Inside the front cover is an overview map which provides a quick index to the more detailed maps and routes contained within each volume. Each book is a 5 1/4 by 7 inch paperback, small enough to easily tuck into a corner of your pannier or handlebar bag. If you want to save some weight and only bring copies of the pages pertinent to your trip, you'll find the size is perfect for photocopying two pages at a time on a standard sized piece of paper. This is not a convenient coincidence, but an indication of the level of thought Ellee and her team put into the creation of these volumes.

The routes chosen for these books vary in length, terrain, and difficulty and there is something for every skill level, budget and taste. Camping options are listed as well as motels, places to eat and sights to see. Turn by turn directions, maps, elevation profiles and route info is clearly and compactly presented.

The best part about these books is the fact that each trip has been ridden and documented by a person who loves bike touring. These are books that make you want to pack up your bike and hit the road. And that, like these books, is something I strongly recommend.

Keep 'em rolling,

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah, WA USA

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Anonymous said...

I still have my Apple Krate and one day should restore it. I didn't have the 5 speed version but still loved that bike. Prefect handlebars for paper route bag.