Friday, December 16, 2011

RIDE: Short fiction about bicycles

If you are reading this blog the odds are pretty good you're a fan of bicycles and if you're a fan of bicycles, I think the odds are good that you'll find something in Ride: Short fiction about bicycles that you'll like better than the money you'll spend to buy it. Please DON'T buy it just to get a story from me, I give stories away for free all the time here and my little bit of fiction included in Ride will be familiar to my readers. Buy Ride for all the other stuff in there.

The stories in this collection span the world in terms of settings and scenes. Moods range from the darkest nights to the sunniest of days. Some characters are folks you'd want as friends, some you'll hope to never meet. Each story is a ride down an interesting road and every reader will find his or her own favorite. The book opens with a sucker punch to the gut with Paul Guyot's dark masterpiece "I'm Bob Deerman" and many clicks later I read the final screen of Barbara Jay Wilson's "Red Dot" with a big, dumb smile on my face. And Taliah Lempert's illustrations show that books don't have to be printed on paper to be beautiful.

Currently Ride is available on the Kindle or the Nook for $3.99. Kindle software is available for free on wide range of devices and phones, so even if you don't have an e-reader, you can buy and read Ride. And for those of you who want a real paper book with pages, it's available in paperback for $7.99.

To date I haven't written much fiction but I'm proud to have my story included in Ride. Keith Snyder did a great job putting this collection together and reading these stories has set some more wheels turning in my head. Thanks Keith, for taking us along on this Ride.


Jill Homer said...

I really like the art and design. Looking forward to reading this on the Kindle. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

It's also on Nook, and will be on iBooks as soon as Apple decides to approve it.

Print's coming too, but probably not until after the holidays.

Since I like all of the stories (or I wouldn't have included them), it's interesting to see people picking favorites.

Anonymous said...

And in all the commotion of the morning of a birthday party for twins, I managed to leave out:

Thanks, Jill!

Kenneth Gibbons said...

Nice job really liked the design. Good Job!

Rodzilla said...

Nice book, I am downloading now to the Kindle.

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