Friday, December 02, 2011

Helping a friend in need (by Joe Bartoe)

Joe Bartoe posted this on the Synaptic Cycles website. With his permission, I'm reposting it here to help spread the word. If you're looking for a lovely gift for the cyclist on your list, consider one of Jon's prints. -- Kent


Helping a friend in need….

Jon Grant is someone that I met through his work as a graphic illustrator. Someone who I have never met personally, but who I count as a friend nonetheless. He’s one of those rare people that makes you feel like a lifelong friend after a few short conversations. Since I started this business, I have spoken to Jon many times, seeking his input on certain matters and bouncing ideas off him, and he has always taken the time to think about what I’m saying and give me well thought-out answers with a no nonsense attitude. He’s one of the few people that I do business with that I truly care about and I often ask about his family and his kids and how they are all doing, which is why I feel the need to be posting here.

I was working with Jon, trying to get some prints of his original ink drawings onto my online store when I learned that Jon’s young son has been diagnosed with leukemia and is hospitalized. He called me asking me for help to get some sold and to make it happen quick. Jon is a freelance illustrator, and as such, he doesn’t make money unless he’s working. And it’s going to be difficult to attend to work when his son is sick and hospitalized.

It’s for this reason that I have decided to sell his prints and give all the proceeds directly back to him rather than take a share of the profits. I don’t think Jon would want a handout. This allows him to make some cash quickly using his own work.

Jon has worked as an illustrator, designer, and printer all of his professional life. You can see some of his work on this site. He designed my logo and he designed the graphics for the jerseys and windshells that we sell. If you’re familiar with the bikes from Rivendell Bicycle Works, you can find his fine work on a number of their models, as well. He is fascinated with riding and the mechanical aspects of classic bicycles, so naturally, he can’t resist drawing them. We offer prints of his original ink drawings here, a few of which are shown on this page. These prints are offset printed in dense, black ink on white, acid-free, Bristol cover. Printed in USA. These are beautiful drawings and the prints are suitable for framing.

Most of the prints are seven inches square and when archival-matted, they are eight inches square. For the crankset prints, the unmounted prints are nine inches square with archival-matted prints twelve inches square. Costs vary from $25-40, depending on the print size and mounting. We are offering free shipping on all of these orders.

As I mentioned, all proceeds from the sales of these prints goes directly to Jon to help his family while they deal with the illness of their child. If these prints appeal to you, please buy some. The money will go directly to the artist and give him some much needed cash at a time when his family needs it most.

You can view more of Jon’s drawings and purchase prints in our online store.


ruthworkssf said...

Kent, thanks for being a good guy and caring about someone else. It's nice to see other folks just trying to do good. I'm happy to support him by purchasing one of his prints.

Ben said...

These are nice drawings, with nice cross hatching. I hope this all works out well....nice of you...

Mike Morris said...

Thanks for posting this. I ordered myself one of those fine Sugino prints. That's right, I'm the deserving cyclist on my own Christmas list!

As a dad, my heart goes out to Jon and his boy. There is hope. A friend's daughter recently beat leukemia, having survived numerous complications.

Mike Morris said...

Just learned that the boy passed away yesterday. Here's a link:

ruthworkssf said...

Mike, thanks for the update. Terrible news about the boy not making it. Loosing a child is the worse thing in the world.