Friday, May 21, 2010

Work to Bike

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Today is Bike to Work Day and I just got back from a bike ride. It's been a few decades since I owned an automobile and for most of those years, every day was bike to work day for me. For a couple of those years, bike commuting was actually my job. These days, I have to confess, I don't bike to work. The Bicycle Center is four blocks from my home. I walk there. It would take me longer to unlock and lock my bike than it does to walk. And all that time I save by having such a short commute? I spend it doing fun things, like biking.

In honor of Bike to Work Day, here are a couple of links to some questions I asked a few years ago. I found the answers interesting then and I still do.

Why Do You Commute By Bicycle?

Why Don't You Commute By Bicycle?

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Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah WA USA


Big Clyde said...

I'm in sales, so I either do some work from home, or I am in a company vehicle, travelling all over town.

I have to look for ways to "commute" or do other errands.

I am new here and really like your site.

Gunnar Berg said...

I don't bike to work. I don't work, being...ah...senior. My wife does own a vehicle. She works as a teacher and it's her choice. Commuting in winter in Minnesota does take real commitment.

Anonymous said...

We lost one of our bike club friends on Wednesday while riding home from work. Ride to work, but please be careful.

Anonymous said...

I work from home so it's hard to "commute", however most mornings I do go out and ride a 8~10 mile loop to simulate a commute. It helps me make the mental shift from "being at home" to "being at work". It helps my family make that shift too.

Jake said...

Because of comments, sneers, being made fun of, by rude people.

You see I am very overweight.

I love to ride.

Unknown said...

Ah yes, I remember writing my response as to why I don't ride to work. Unemployment took care of that. I now ride, skateboard, or walk to school everyday and I've averaged less than 100 miles a month in my Element(except for the rare out of town trip. Life is pretty good.

Nate J said...

I just moved closer to work - now I miss my bike commute! I went from having a daily 5-10 mile round-trip bike commute to a 12 minute walk (that includes waiting for traffic lights). And now I miss my bike and it has been less than a week since this happened!

Israel said...

You haven't owned a car in several decades! Where do you live that you can get away with that? It seems like a subject worthy of a blog all its own. Do you have some posts on this subject? If so, where may I find them? I didn't always have a car, but I've lived in one of the boroughs of NYC all my life and that's not so unusual here.

Kent Peterson said...

Hi Israel,

Type "carfree" into the search box at the upper left hand corner of this blog and you'll find some posts on the subject, including the text of the talk Christine and I gave at the 2008 Towards Carfree Cities Conference in Portland.

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah WA USA