Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Amazing Friend Scott

I'm fortunate enough to know some really neat people. One of the coolest guys I know is a fellow named Scott. Scott and I have never met in real life, but we've traded emails and talked on the phone. And we visit each other's blogs. I just noticed that I didn't have a link to his blog on my site, so I just fixed that.

His blog is called Large Fella on a Bike and while he's still a large fella, he's 162 pounds less of a large fella than he was at the start of 2006. Yep, you read that right. Scott lost 162 pounds last year. As my wife Christine commented "Wow, he's really got stick-to-it-ness!"

But it's not his weight loss that makes Scott amazing. If you read through his stuff you'll find that he's a persistent, interesting guy. He writes with great honesty about things that piss him off, things that delight him, things he can't figure out and things that lots of folks struggle with but never put into words. And he did an awesome series of interviews with bike frame builders a while back. Check out the FBQ series on his blog.

Scott and his family were a huge help to me when I raced the Great Divide but just knowing that there is somebody like Scott out there is a great day to day inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I know that guy.

Thanks Kent, that's a truly wonderful post and really made me smile, feel great [and blush a bit too].

You rock too... someday, friend, we will meet and we shall ride.

You've been a tremendous [and I imagine will always be] inspiration for me.

Beer & Lettuce are on me! ;-)

Much Love to you and the Family...


Unknown said...

I discovered Scott's blog a couple months back and have been enjoying it quite a bit. Nice summation, I too am a big fan of the FBQ, one of my favorite bits of bike related writings out there.