Friday, January 19, 2007

Carry Freedom Bicycle Trailer

I found this really cool thing via End Pavement. These folks are giving away plans for a DIY bike trailer. Check it out at:


Tomas_Quinones said...

I found this site many months ago and had requested the plans for that trailer several times but never got a response from them. After 2 months of trying, I just used Google for 15 minutes and found the PDF in question. HIGHLY recommended for anyone that would like to build a custom cargo trailer.

Anonymous said...

So that's what I can do with the PVC and shower curtain rods I have laying about.

Boxer Bikes said...

You can find the plans on the following url:


Thanks Ken for the heads up on this one. It looks like a fun project. I'll keep y'all posted on the outcome!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the post, and link to the plans. I also emailed them several times, from different email addresses (in case of spam) and never got a response.

Just finished printing it out, and it looks do-able. I will pass along the plans to anyone who wants to try, and meets their criteria (to respect their wishes).



Jeff Durden said...


Jeff Durden, the designer and builder of this 170 pound trailer is 55 years old. He lost his right eye to cancer yet his craftsmanship is unhindered. Jeff has built three versions of his ultra-light trailer, and claims that the current version of his trailer has a unique shape that allows him to pull it against the wind with not too much effort! He needs to raise $500 towards the next version which will hopefully attract the attention of people who will really enjoy this trailer, and want one of their very own.