Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sesame Crepes: Maximum Calories, Minimum Dollars

Shortly after I published my article What Long Distance Cyclists Really Eat, my pal Joe "That's Rando!" Platzner revealed something that he believes may be the ultimate randonneuring fuel: Trader Joe's Sesame Crepes.

Today I finally got around to trying this amazing food and I can report that all of Joe's wonderful words of praise were right on the mark. At 99 cents, a package of two crepes is about the tastiest 1000 calories I've ever had. The crepes are chewy and not too sweet. The packaging is a bit big to fit in a jersey pocket (each crepe is about 7 inches in diameter, but you can roll the crepes up like tortillas or tear them into bite-sized bits before your ride. But having a pack of these things stashed in your handlebar bag could be just the thing to get you over that last mountain pass on a six-hundred kilometer ride.

The ingredient list is refreshingly brief. Certainly not a health food, but at least I can pronounce every ingredient. While I'm not a nutritional role model, I am trying to do my bit for the orangutans by avoiding products containing palm oil. I'd been looking for something to replace the palm oil rich Pay Day Bars in my diet and Trader Joe's Sesame Crepes fill that niche quite well.

Keep 'em rolling,


P.S. No, I don't have any sponsorship from Trader Joe's, I just like their stuff.


Keith Moore said...

Loucks Sesame Snaps (available from REI) have gotten me through many century rides. They contain only sesame seeds, sugar, and glucose. Each 40g package has 230 calories.

todd said...

plus, sesame seeds in such quantity are a powerful laxative, helping you void needless weight.

me, i'm a dried whole banana man for my 2.5mi commute.

Slonie said...

This makes me want to go ride 200k, just so I can justify eating a package of them!

YungFalbz said...

Ooh, and depending on the sugar source, they're vegan! Can't wait to try them.

Dan W. said...

And Gluten Free-ish!

Now only if they were Made in America and/or *gasp* with organic ingredients. But then they'd probably be $1.59 instead of $0.99 and who'd pay that? LoLs.

Joe P said...

Most excellent. Glad you like them. Now if we can just get them on the shelf at every little mini-mart. ;-)

cyclotourist said...

Thanks for the tip, they're great!