Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Green River Peacock

"Hey, look at that!" It's still the early part of the ride. Mark Canizaro and I left my place a bit after 8:00 AM, paused to refuel at the Black Diamond Bakery and have now just rolled over the tiny bridge spanning the Green River Gorge. Eventually the day will be Mark's longest ride this year. We'll have lunch in Buckley and climb into the wind up the Carbon River Valley before taking a long loop back home. We never know what we'll find on these rides, but there is always at least one unexpected thing.

Today's thing is a peacock. An Indian Blue Peacock to be precise. This is why we bring cameras on our rides. While Wikipedia tells me that peacocks display their tail plumage to attract mates, I don't think this peacock was getting fresh with me. It was clear to us that he was trying to make himself look big and scary so we'd go away.

We took our pictures, thanked the bird and went away.

Keep 'em rolling,

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