Friday, September 21, 2007

Things You Should Know About the Dahon D3

If you own a Dahon D3 (or pretty much any other folding bike) you will have strangers talk to you about it at the bus stop. And on the bus. And when you get off the bus. And when you are stopped at stop lights. And at other random places. People you don't know will stop and take pictures. Do not get a Dahon D3 if you are shy.

If you buy a Dahon D3 and you are married, your wife will roll her eyes and say "not another bike!" When she sees it, she will say, "well, it is pretty cute" and "at least it doesn't take up much space."

It's almost impossible not to feel like a circus bear when you ride a Dahon D3. It's also almost impossible to keep a silly grin off your face as you ride it.

If you have a folding bike, your buddies will say "so how fast does it fold?", click the stopwatch function on their watches and say "go!" You will get faster with practice. I've had the bike a couple of days and I've got the fold speed down to about thirty seconds. I think 15 seconds is possible.

The Dahon D3 is surprisingly zippy. Well, zippy enough for a guy who isn't that zippy. My normal 18 mile each way commute takes me about an hour and half on my green bike. On the Dahon, the commute times have been about an hour twenty six. BTW, I don't have a speedometer on the D3 but I've had it up to plentysix miles per hour on some steep descents.
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