Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lives Per Gallon

Hey Ho Blogoids,

I just got back from the midwest (visiting my folks and bike-related details will show up here soon) and now I'm back at work and digging through my email. I found this in my in-box and Elliott Bay Book company is just around the corner from my office. So rather than rushing home tonight, I'll swing by the bookstore to see what Terry has to say.



WHO: Terry Tamminen is an architect of California's climate change and energy initiatives, which are the most progressive energy independence plans in the country. A dedicated environmentalist, he served as Special Advisor to Governor Schwarzenegger, head of the California EPA, and now has written Lives Per Gallon (

WHAT: Terry is touring America talking about his book and the issues. He knows that America's addiction to oil is taking a huge toll on our health, environment, and national security, and that oil and automobile companies have conspired for decades to hide the damage their products have done to America and the world.

Lives Per Gallon is a diagnosis of our petroleum problem and a prescription for change. The choice is clear: continue paying with our health, or kick our addiction and evolve beyond an oil-dependent economy. By forcing corporate giants to pay the true cost of their business practices, the economics change in favor of more sustainable, healthier products. Terry shows how we can evolve beyond oil to products that are far cleaner and truly sustainable.

WHEN: November 15, 6:00pm

WHERE: Elliott Bay Book Company
101 S. Main St.
Seattle, WA 98104

WHY: Now is a window of opportunity for change on national policy as a result of the midterm elections. Be part of the debate and the drive for energy independence in America. The event is a perfect opportunity to ask questions about local issues, policies, or federal legislation. Learn what California has done and what your state and Washington can do to make a difference. Terry helped make change happen in California and is now calling for change all over America.

What people are saying about Lives Per Gallon: "Terry Tamminen has turned a spotlight of clarity on the defining issue of our age." ~Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President, Waterkeeper Alliance


Anonymous said...

For a healthy dose of reality with regards to oil supply, read this.

And for a healthy dose of reality with regards to all this eco-gloom-and-doom, read this, entitled 'Fear, Complexity, & Environmental Management in the 21st Century'.

There's more than meets the eye to the religious-like fervor that is currently running rampant in the eco-whatever world. The story is multifaceted, so read as many sides to the story as possible before you decide what to believe!

Kent Peterson said...

Indeed, like Gino said, read lots. My big concern is that things aren't linear and simple.

And Gino, I'd suggest that you at least look through the "Lives Per Gallon" It is not a "we're running out of oil!" panic book, it's a look at the costs and subsidies and economy of our current system.

I personally have found my own life improves as I decrease my personal energy footprint. The key to enlightened self-interest is good information. Read lots, question lots and remember that pretty much everybody (crunchy granola types as well as dudes in suits) are trying to sell you something.