Friday, November 03, 2006

Box Rivets and Coroplast Construction

Longtime blog readers will know that I build all kinds of bike-related things out of coroplast. Things like:


A Coroplast Handlebar Bag

A Coroplast Tailbox

Fenders for a kids bike

So I'm looking forward to getting my hands on some box rivets from these folks:

These things look really handy.

BTW, I found these things by following a link from

which is probably my favorite random funky stuff website. Yesterday they posted a link to the greatest pie chart ever. Yeah, it has nothing to do with bikes but, hey we can't think about bikes 24 hours a day!

Keep 'em rolling


nollij said...

Kent, I wonder, how thick is coroplast normally? There are signs everywhere around here, and I like the idea of these rivets for building fenders, bike boxes, etc, but I wanted to see if they're big enough to bind two pieces of standard signage coroplast together. Any idea?

Kent Peterson said...

Most of the stuff they use for campaign signs around here is 4mm thick. They measure coroplast by the thickness of the flutes and I've also seen 2mm and 6mm. All the projects on my website have been made with the 6mm stuff

Kent Peterson said...

Doh, I meant 4 mm in the comment above. All my fenders, etc have been made with the 4 mm stuff.


Anonymous said...

Mr. McGroovy's box rivets can accommodate thicknesses between 0.5 and 0.75 inches, according to the "Rivet Dimensions" page on their site. With two layers of material, each could be as much as 3/8 thick (about 9 mm).

Anonymous said...

Here is a great source for larger (virgin) quantities if you ever need it. I used them in the past for CorX and sheet plastic for die cut parts.

Chris Autterson / Novi, MI

nollij said...

Kent, I'm just wondering if you've had a chance to use the rivets yet.. and what your feedback on them is. I'm still thinking about getting some for the construction of more fenders for my plethora of bikes(plus I really like your tail box).