Monday, November 07, 2005

It's Election and Fender Season

Tomorrow is election day around here and once again I'll mostly be voting against things: simplistic solutions that wont work, people whose greed is so blatant they can't even mask it for the course of one election cycle and things like that. Of course, there are some causes and people I find that are worth voting for and I'll be supporting those as best I can.

I'm really not a political guy but there is one fringe benefit of politics that I turn to my advantage: coroplast campaign signs. Here in the damp pacific northwest you see these things everywhere this time of year. After the election, candidates are supposed to harvest the old signs in a timely manner, but some always get missed. Those are the ones that I harvest for various projects. They make really great fenders (or mudguards as they say in much of the rest of the world). Ironically a lot of the candidates whose causes and positions I support tend to favor the more eco-friendly paper signs (green party signs make lousy fenders!) but those GOP guys have no problem using lots of oil to make coroplast signs.

So later this week, you can make the roadside a little prettier and maybe make your bike a little uglier. But you'll be dry. And that's a beautiful thing. Here are some links to coroplast projects:


A Coroplast Handlebar Bag

A Coroplast Tailbox

Fenders for a kids bike

Keep 'em rolling,



Me said...


You rock!

I'd vote for ya if you ever ran for office but then I suppose you'd mostly have to become a slimeball to want to run for office.

Ahhh, the quandries of life.


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