Thursday, July 23, 2020

One Typed Page

Along with bicycles, one of my interests is old typewriters. I have several friends I trade typed letters with and for the past couple of months I've been contributing to the One Typed Page website at:

It's an eclectic mix of things posted by various folks and my daily postings there sometimes include bicycles.

If you've been wondering what's the latest with me or what I'm thinking about on a given day, One Typed Page is a good place to check. I have basically given up on social media but One Typed Page is just social enough for me.

Kent Peterson
Eugene, OR USA


Scott said...

I just found your blog, Kent. I have one on WordPress called Operation Looking Glass and I go by the name Joseleto. There is only one post and I think it about fountain pens.

After giving up 33 years of ham radio I'm adrift. Gradually, I will focus on fountain pens and how they influence my everyday life. I'm not sure I understand where I'm going yet. Maybe nowhere.

Bicycles still interest me. My rides will be virtual.

Where I live is not suited for cycling, but if I were to take up pedaling I might consider a trike and an electrified trailer.


Gude at Synsera Homes said...

What an interesting site One Typed Page is - I had never heard of it!
Thanks for sharing and stay creative :)

Sekhar said...

It is sad to read that you have given up on social media. You will be missed.

In a way, it is somewhat ironic for me to say that, thirteen months after you last wrote (or posted) on your blog.

The last year has been very strange, that perhaps explains my not visiting your blog earlier.

I have read through all the posts of yours on the net that I could find. Therefore the comment that you will be missed.

One hopes you post regularly on OTP. Interesting as it is, one preferred the way you used to post earlier (ie soft copy posted on your blog).

Also, on a separate note, one is confident that Bike Friday (and you) would be busy as ever now, doing the things that you like to do.

I wish you good luck, and all the best. Lastly, many thanks for your blog posts, they gave me many hours of happiness. And (though this is selfish of me) one hopes you will continue to post again.