Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Bike Friday Ever-E-Day

There's a new bike in the works at Bike Friday and you can read about on the Bike Friday Blog at:

I had a tiny bit to do with the development of this bike, but most of my day to day work involves converting customer's existing bikes to E-assist. We also do full maintenance & factory repaints on our older bikes. So whether you want to keep an old bike rolling smoothly, want to add e-assist, or want a nifty new e-bike, Bike Friday can probably help you out.

Kurt Vonnegut once pointed out that one of humanity's problems is that everybody wants to build but nobody wants to do maintenance. Well, at Bike Friday, we do both.

By the way, the little dog that shows up now and then in the gif at the top of this post is Gertie. Brad, our Service Manager, is Gertie's roomate and she comes to work with him several days a week.


Michael R pdx said...

I like Gertie

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