Friday, November 08, 2019

Schwalbe Tire Levers

Over on the iBOB list, Joan has nice things to say about Schwalbe Tire Levers. Joan notes how the clip mechanism of these levers helps you lock down the section of tire that you already have seated and then you can use the third lever to get the last section of the tire onto the rim. She also notes that the tip of the levers is quite thin, which also is a great help for those tight tire/rim situations.

Over the years I've certainly had my share of punctures and I've used a wide range of tire levers. I can confirm Joan's high opinion of the Schwalbe Tire Levers, they really do a good job in tight situations.


Lawrence Fieman said...

Hi Kent. Happy to see activity on your blog. Eager to try the Schwalbe levers. Tires mount tight on MA2 rims. Best, Larry

Ronrich said...

I have managed to break every plastic tire lever I have used. Finally found happiness with some slender generic aluminum levers that I have used for years and never broken even one.