Sunday, December 09, 2012

RIDE 2: More short fiction about bicycles

Just about a year ago, a story I wrote was published in a book called RIDE: Short fiction about bicycles. If you're a regular reader of this blog you probably know this because I wrote about the book when it came out and I've shamelessly had a link to the book on the right side of this blog ever since. While the book hasn't sold in numbers to keep Stephen King awake at night (which hardly seems fair since Stephen King books have managed to keep me up late on several occasions), the sales of the book have bought me a few cups of coffee which in turn have kept me awake. Since I'm up, I might as well write something.

This is how blog posts happen. This is also how stories happen and another one of my stories made it into another book. This book is called RIDE 2: More short fiction about bicycles and like Ride, it is edited by Keith Snyder. Keith is a damn good editor but he's not exactly original when it comes to picking titles. So it goes. BTW, a friend of mine on Twitter noted that when men get gushy and rave about something the word "damn" shows up a lot. Damn right. My own story, Made with Extra Love, which you may have read in an earlier version on this blog last spring, wound up being a lot stronger and tighter thanks to Keith's editing. I'm sure if I'd given Keith a crack at this paragraph, there would be fewer "damns" in it and it'd be a damn sight better. He's that damn good.

Any collection of stories by different authors is going to have various voices, tones and tales. Not every character is admirable, not every story is a beacon of hope. But the tales run true, which is the ultimate test of fiction. You can tell in the reading that Eric Neuenfeldt knows urban bike shops and bike polo, Jan Maher and Barb Goffman understand the dynamics of families and S.J. Rozan knows love and loss. And Keith Snyder's entry, which I was wary of since it is both poetry and "Part 1", shows that yes, the man knows how to make words behave on a page. Don't let the poetry and Part 1 scare you. And by the way, Jon Billman knows a hell of a lot about the dirt roads of Oklahoma, the line between this world and the next and the importance of a good breakfast.

The common thread in these tales, besides humanity, is bicycles. The machine is more than tubes and tires and chain. In each of these tales, it is the bicycle that takes the character and the reader on a worthwhile journey.

Yes, I'm totally biased but I'm also extremely proud to be sharing the pages of Ride 2 with the other authors whose tales fill this book. I hope Keith keeps this series running for a good long time.

Keep 'em rolling,

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah WA USA


Keith said...

The Editorial department didn't like "RIDE 2" as a title either, but Marketing overruled them.

If I ever have enough historicals (Westerns, Elizabethans, whatever) to put together a collection of those, it'll be called "RODE."

dexey said...

What's the chance of an iPad edition?
I've took the kindle app off mine and I can't read my kindle in the dark :0)

Kent Peterson said...

Kindle and Nook versions are available now. The iBooks version should be out some time this week. The Kobo version is also coming soon and the print version should be out some time in January. Go to

for clickable links of each version as it becomes available.

Keith said...

dexey, I'm waiting for a little red dot to turn green on the iBookstore page, which means it's started going live in 50 countries. It's coming...

Unknown said...

Hi Kent,
I'm happy to be sharing space in Ride 2 with you. Looking forward to reading your story and all the others as soon as I submit final evaluations for a couple dozen students.
A part-time fellow PNWer,

Kent Peterson said...

Hi Jan,

I thought I was a shoe-in for the oldest protagonist title in this collection but you beat me fair and square. I think Marie and Mrs. H. would have a lovely time riding over to the Market Cafe each week for the Tuesday senior special.

Unknown said...

Oh yes. Mrs. H. and Marie should definitely get together! Over brownies and tea...

Barb Goffman said...

I just finished reading the book, and I'm so happy to be sharing its pages with my fellow authors. Kent, I so loved your charming story.