Sunday, April 08, 2012

#30DaysofBiking: Redbrick Road

Since there are #30DaysofBiking and only 26 letters in the AtoZChallenge, there are a few days this month when I'll be riding but my posts are not alphabetically constrained. So while tomorrow I'll post something with an "H" theme, today I'm free to make anything the theme of my ride. It's a shame it's not the "R" day because I decided to ride up to the Redbrick Road in Redmond. I figure if there are guys racing on the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix today half a world away, I might as well wander my way up along the shores of Lake Sammamish on this lovely spring morning and ride a bit of the scenic old road.

So that's what I did.

28 miles today.

Keep 'em rolling,

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah WA USA


Janice in GA said...

You could adopt a Dr. Seuss "On Beyond Zebra" approach after you got to Z too. :)

Hallie said...

Kent -
I am enjoying both your challenges - the A-Z and the 30 days of biking. I had planned to get my bike out this month but as of yet it has not happened. So I am biking vicariously through your blog.

Jenny said...

Looks like a lovely ride!

NatMc said...

Holy crap, how awesome would it be if there was still a trail from Boston to Seattle???!!!!!

It would probably go past my house in Minneapolis!!!!