Monday, September 06, 2010

DIY: Inner Tube Rack Strap

I enjoy Roy Doty's Wordless Workshop cartoons. Roy is a master of explaining a problem and a solution without using words. I'm way more wordy than Roy and anyone who doubts that can look at this post as proof. I can't even post a super simple Do-It-Yourself project without having some kind of wordy intro!

I patch my own tubes but I still wind up with a surplus of used tubes. A lot of bike shops have the same problem and although many tubes in the Seattle area wind up getting recycled into cool Alchemy Goods products, you can probably get used tubes just for asking. And, unfortunately, I manage to find discarded bike tubes along the roadside and bike paths around here.

So here's a quick, easy and cheap way to re-purpose a bike tube. One 700c tube plus a couple of buckles from REI or a craft store and a couple of zip ties (total cost, less than two bucks) will yield a pair of strong and stretchy rack straps or a belt or what have you. The pictures tell the story.

Keep 'em rolling,

Kent "The Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah WA USA


dexey said...

That's clever!

Anonymous said...

Cool Project Kent! Here are even more ideas


The Velo Hobo said...

Brilliant! An excellent way to create your own custom fit bungee…or belt to hold up your trousers.

Great idea, Jack

fatbob29r said...

Kent, did you use a zip tie to keep the inner tube from slipping out of the buckle? If so, how do you adjust the length of the strap? What a great use of punctured tubes! We used to use old tubes as short lengths of hose in the old shop I worked for since the mop bucket wouldn't fit in the sink.

Kent Peterson said...


One side of the buckle needs a ziptie to secure it, but the other side has a fold over where the tension of the strap secures it. That end can be easily adjusted for length.

Cycling For Beginners said...

Great use for old tubes! I've been needing to get some bungee cords, but now I've got some other options.


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is super! I have to try this.

Eric said...

Hi Kent,
If you really want to splurge ($5) you can get It Clips ( Not only do they clip together, but they come with little hooks for the ends so you can make custom-length bungees. If you guys don't have them at Bicycle Center, you should get them. We have them at JRA and customers love them. They are also available on line, for those who don't find them at their LBS.