Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tour Divide Photos - Day 8 - June 18, 2010

Photos from day eight of the 2010 Tour Divide. June 18, 2010. Uncle Sam Creek, MT to Parker Creek, MT.


Bruce Newell said...

These pictures speak eloquently, and loudly, of the beauty of this tour slash race.

mike said...

Kent -

When you have a moment I'd love to hear some gear break down and how it worked on the TD.

Specific questions are:

Inline filter? How'd it do? How much water did you prep with it?

Tarp / Poncho - did you get wet? Did you use a bivy over your bag?

Maps / cues - did you forgo GPS? How did your shoulder strap mounted map / cue reader work? Did it get in the way?

Anything else?

And - I was already thinking that if / when I do TD (hopefully SS) - I'd carry along a Tomicog just in case my freewheel goes... unbolt the disc, bolt on the cog, make it to the next likely place for repair - but you'd be riding fixed.

Love the pictures. Can't wait for some words (Mountain Turtle 2?) to go along with them.


Kent Peterson said...


It's all in the works. I'm doing the massive photo dump now. I just got my bike back from WY and got it back in rolling shape an hour ago. Article in the works for Dirt Rag. And a zillion blog posts coming, specifically some about what worked well & what didn't. Oh yeah and I'm working like a beaver at the bike shop now!

Short answers.

Inline filter worked great. Never clogged, probably 90% of what I drank ran through it.

Tarp poncho, perfect. Yes I had a bivy as well.

Yep on maps, no on GPS.

Solar chargers & NiMH AAs also worked great.

Peek email device worked great.

Cell phone, mostly useless. I'd probably leave it at home next time.

Ergon gear, fabulous.

More later,

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah WA USA