Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Planet Bike Spok Lights

Spok lights are not designed to help you see the road, they are designed to let other road users see you. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's something you should be aware of. I don't use Spok lights as my only lights, but I've bought a few sets of them and I find them very useful.

They are the lights you put on the bike you don't want to burden with lights.

They are the inexpensive spare lights you have in case your main light goes out.

They are the lights you give to your friend when you realize he's riding after dark and his bike has no lights.

They are the stocking stuffer gift you give your cycling pal because even though she has a bunch of lights already, these are handy and cute.

They are the lights you buy because you like the fact that Planet Bike sends 25% of their profits to bike advocacy groups and creates ads that talk about their products instead of spending bucks on some hip and sexy advertising campaign that doesn't seem to have much to do with bikes at all.

They are the lights you put on your lightest helmet and it still remains your lightest helmet.

In short, I like these little lights. Now if I only knew for certain how to pronounce the name of them. I think the name is pronounced like the thin metal rods connecting my bike's hubs to the rims, but I suppose the name could be pronounced like that of a certain logical Vulcan.

BTW the batteries seem to last a pretty long time and the Spok lights use the same CR2032 battery that is used in my Cateye Cycle Computer. CR2032 cells can be found in lots of places these days but they are small enough that buying a batch online is worthwhile.

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Olybikes said...

Years ago, I kicked Zefal products out of my bike shop because of the offensive sexist imagery in their advertising. I wrote to the main bike trade publication about this issue, saying that there are so many positive things to say about cycling without using racist, sexist, homophobic or violent language or imagery. I challenged all manufacturers to raise the bar in their promotions. With their needlessly sexualized ads with images of half-naked cartoon women to the wish-it-was-cleverly-captioned voyeristic pseudolesbian-in-public photo you linked to, Knog LOWERS the bar so much that it's lying in a trench somewhere. Sad and lame at best, and at worst, downright dangerous because it contributes to desensitization to violence against women. Obviously I dont sell Knog stuff as a result. I also think their products are crap, but that's another issue entirely.

Bikejuju said...

I just had three of these show up from Planet Bike to be awarded as prizes in the winter/dark bike photo contest I am running (with GoMeansGo). Each of three winners gets a set of 3 Planet Bike lights and a BikeGlow.

They are indeed cool little lights, and Planet Bike is indeed a cool company.

Noel said...

I have been using my white light as a "desk lamp" on handlebar to light my cue sheet for organized rides. Only problem is I miss the helmet lamp to look for road signs. sigh.

Lief said...

They are the entry button into Amazon to buy a whole host of weird things like towels so that you can get some coin for TDD next year.

Hasten slowly.

Anonymous said...


I really like these lights and have a bunch of them. In addition to having one on the front and back of my helmet, I use them for my dogs when I take them out at night. They are highly visible and almost indestructible...the dogs swim with them, chase the ball and slide on the ground with these fantastic little lights. Planet Bike has a whole new market to sell them.

wayne w methner