Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Trail Work Is So Rewarding

We all know it's fun to ride on mountain bike trails, but those trails don't just happen. I belong to a great club, made up of great folks, who, among other things, make trails. This afternoon I was part of an Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance work party doing trail construction up at Duthie Hill. When Bob lifted up a log, he found this little guy staring up at him. After I took these pictures, Bob relocated the little fella to a damper, safer place off the trail and we got back to work.

It sure is fun to zip down the trails, but in the slow work of building something you get to come face to face with this wonderful world.

Keep 'em rolling,



fatbob29r said...

Building trail always makes me appreciate the ride that much more. It also makes me think long and hard before I apply too much back pressure while scorching on loose terrain.

JuliaR said...

Nice philosophy and works for everything else in life too.

Oh cool! The word verification was "azookier" which sounds like a fun philosophy for life too.

Anonymous said...

What kind of critter is that?

Kent Peterson said...


It is a Northwestern Salamander, Ambystoma gracile

see: http://tinyurl.com/kmtn7m

MELI. said...

wow, what a cool little friend you've found!! :D