Thursday, April 09, 2009

Footage of a WOMBAT in her natural habitat

Despite her shy, reclusive nature, intrepid film-makers managed to capture this footage of my pal Jacquie. (25MB)

If you’re having playback problems due to bandwidth, try one of these smaller versions


luyrral said...

total babe. and i dig the drops

brad said...

She's so, so cool AND she wrote the music for the movie! Wow.

Matt said...

So cool. That was a great dinner break flick. Her bike, which I have had the honor of checking out in person, is beyond rad. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Just to keep it real, greatest racer ever?? she won races at a time when MTB was grass roots. Bike 20 years ahrad of its time? You must be kidding. It shows how far the makers of this clip are from reality. Race bikes are full carbon fiber with inertia controlled shocks now.
Its a document as the front page of USA today stating about Shaun Palmer "The greatest athlete in the world?"
Americans only believe in heroes, and if they don't have any at hand, they create them.
Sorry for the rant.
BTW. And thousands of women are competing weekly in MTB race events, being completely respected.

Chuck Lathe said...

That was a nice post, Kent. Thanks a lot.

Regards, Chuck Lathe
Franklinville, NC

Dan O said...

Very cool.

She is one of the fun characters from the roots of mountain biking.

What she's done to promote women's mountain biking is awesome.

Jon Muellner said...

I got to ride Jackie's bike in the late 80's in CA. Truly was a sweet machine for the time and one of the reasons I got my MB-1 with drop bars. Miss those early MTB days!