Sunday, February 22, 2009

A few more Dahon bits

I haven't written much about my Dahon D3 folding bike lately, but it continues to be the bike I'm most likely to grab for quick runs around town. I still get this big dumb grin on my face every time I ride the D3. I'm tempted to say it's my favorite bike but other times I say that about my Tringle-Speed or my Retro-Direct or some other bike-de-jour and I realize that I come off sounding like Matt and Trey introducing each episode on the South Park Season One DVD. I guess I just like my life and my bikes. I'd probably get more blog traffic if I wrote one of those drama-filled "how-my-life-sucks-today" blogs, but since I've pretty much succeeding in avoiding the bummer life and tend to see the glass as neither half-full nor half-empty but rather twice the size needed for the given task, I mostly write about the interesting small glasses I've found.

So, yeah, Dahon stuff. The guys at Dahon liked a little poem I wrote about my D3 last year, and they nicely asked me if they could reprint it. I told 'em to go right ahead and they did a little interview with me and put the poem in their new catalog and their online newsletter. I got a little bit of schwag out of the deal but it's not like they are sending me prototypes of the new Curl in order to buy good-will in the blogosphere. (BTW, Dahon folks, if you're reading this, I bet that would totally work! Really.)

Speaking of the Curl, this thread on the Strida forum has a better picture of the Curl and a couple of the patent drawings from 2007. It shows the basics of how the bike looks folded and unfolded. It doesn't give any idea what color the final bike will be. Again, Dahon people, if you're reading this, people like red. Well, this person likes red.

Finally, I like this video. It just shows a guy who really likes his bike, showing off how it rides, folds and how the nifty seat-post pump works. It really captures the fun of riding a bike.

There's a break in the rain now and I don't have anywhere I really need to go but sometimes it's just fun to go. I'm off for a ride on my little red bike.

Keep 'em rolling,



Evan said...

Everytime you write about the Dahon I want a folder more. Cut it out. ;)

Anonymous said...

HFOAB (Happy Fella On A Bike)

Anonymous said...

you're an internet celebrity: i saw you the other day on the I-90 bridge between mercer island and bellvue. i was on a day ride to snoqualmie falls. i would have said, "hello there mr. kent petersen!" but i thought it might have been weird.

Berita dari Gunung said...

i like your poem, and well someday i hope i can buy folding bike too

Anonymous said...

I love your glass is twice the size necessary belief!

VindicatedBliss said...

Hello Kent. I am glad you enjoyed my video riding around on my white (cloud) Dahon Curve D3 on Youtube. I can't get enough of the D3. I find it funny how many others think it is to small for me, that you can't go as fast as a traditional bike etc, then love to crank it up and zoom past them. I had a friend on a 24 speed mountain bike struggle to keep up with me. Its a fun, fun, fun bike and you only find this out when you ride it. That's why I made the video; so others could see how much I liked it and would consider getting one themselves. Thought you might like to see some photos.

I have also created a Flickr Group for other Dahon Curve owners to share thier photos:
It would be cool to have you join and share some of your own images of your beloved red Curve.

I too can't wait to see the final version of the Curl. Hope someone puts a good video of it on the net for us all to marvel in the innovation.

All the best,