Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Erickson is for sale

I built-up the Erickson in just the way I thought it should be for a rando/touring bike and rode it around for a while. It really is just about perfect. A couple of dings in the paint and a tiny dent in the top-tube, but very, very sweet.

And not right for me. Too pretty. Too boring. Nothing left to do on it. And that whole "pump painted to match the frame" scene was never anything I aspired to.

I really like a bike that I'm comfortable beating the heck out of. I bike I can fold up and schlep on the bus & train or a bike I can take into the back-country, past the places where the pavement ends. So I'm sticking with my converted MTB Speed Cruiser and my Dahon D3 for my adventures.

On Wednesday the Erickson is going up for sale at Bike Works. I don't need this bike and the shop can use the money.

We're selling it the way it's shown here. This is the breakdown:

$ 450 -- Erickson Touring Bike 52cm c-c seat tube, 54 cm top tube
$ 20 -- Fenders & flaps
$ 24 -- Rear rack
$ 20 -- Cateye Velo 5 computer
$ 20 -- Koolstop salmon brake pads
$ 16 -- SRAM chain
$100 -- 2 Planet Bike 1/2 Watt Blaze headlights, 1 Planet Bike Superflash tail light, 1 Planet Bike Blinky 3 tail light
$ 50 -- Front & Rear bags
$700 (with tax, the total will be $763). If you know anybody who'd like a very sweet bike, have 'em come on down to Bike Works. I don't think the bike will stick around the shop for too long.

Kent Peterson, Shop Manager
Bike Works
3709 S. Ferdinand St.
Seattle WA 98118
hours: 12-6 Tues - Fri, 11-6 Sat, 11-5 Sun, Closed Mondays
206-725-9408 x3


Anonymous said...

That's quite a good deal for such a nice bike. If it were my size (and if I didn't already have a similar vintage Erickson) I'd probably buy it

Anonymous said...

Nice ride!

Bryan Mc said...

Hi kent

Did it ever sell?

If not, please let me know

bdmcwilli at gmail dot com

Kent Peterson said...

Oh yeah, this bike sold quickly.