Monday, May 05, 2008

Bikes to Ghana -- Pictures from 4-26-08

I've been busy as heck with my new job managing the Bike Works shop but better late than never, here are some pictures from the Bikes to Ghana loading on 4-26-08. We had a great crew of volunteers and working from 9:00 AM to 4:40 PM we managed to pack 476 bikes plus a bunch of parts into the shipping container.


Andy said...

These photos are great! Thanks for posting.

Tai-po said...

hey bro...hope you're enjoying your new job!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Amazing bike-packing skills there!
I wish we had something this together in Portland. (The CCC does great things for local kids but on a smaller scale, and newer, more renegade organizations are taking the punk/d-i-y approach.)
Yu guys are doing great wor, and I hope you're enjoying your new gig.
Cheers --Beth