Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pictures from the commute

My new commute to Bike Works features some nice switchbacks in Colman Park, a run along the tree-lined banks of Lake Washington and those wonderful views of the mountains which just never get old. Here are a few pics.


John Calnan said...

Local cycling trivia alert: Homer Hadley (name on the plaque) designed the Mashell Bridge (outside Eatonville) and the Patton Bridge (the concrete bridge in Green Valley, about 2 miles east of the meat market there). He also designed one of the first paving machines, which paved the first road out to Orting.

Anonymous said...

some beautiful images there! you must love commuting!

Lief said...

Sure is a nice commute, that is my route as well. I will keep an eye out for you.
I am on a yellow recumbent (Lightning Thunderbolt).

Yeah and I also type in dvorak. :)

- My name is not Perry

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Thanks for the pics - I went to grad school at UW, and I really miss Seattle.

I now work for the Environmental Protection Agency, and we're promoting bike to work week.

In our blog, we're asking people why they do or don't bike to work. From your blog, it seems like you'd have some very good stuff to add to the discussion.

So please let us know why you do, what makes it easier, and what makes it harder.


Jeffrey Levy