Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sheldon Brown Memorial Ride - April 1, 2008

To celebrate the life, spirit and enduring wisdom of Sheldon Brown, a bunch of us are gathering in Seattle for a ride on Tuesday April 1st, 2008. We will meet at 6:00 PM at the Seattle Bikestation at 311 3rd Avenue South. From the Bikestation we'll ride through the International District, up Dearborn to Hiawatha, connect to the trail for the climb up the hill and ride a cool, twisty descent through Coleman Park to Lake Washington Blvd. From there we'll ride over on Genese, etc to Bike Works. Tuesday nights are volunteer repair nights at Bike Works and they are busy prepping bikes for the annual Kids Bike Swap in May, so there will be opportunities for those mechanically inclined individuals to work on getting kids bikes into safe shape after the ride. Bring yourself, your bike, your helmet decorated in whatever way you like and your enthusiasm. This ride will be socially paced and if we manage to get slightly organized between now and next Tuesday, we have some kind of refreshments and munchies at the end. We'll definitely have fun.

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nollij said...

Kent, you posted yours just before I got mine posted. I've been trying to get a flyer done and computer problems have me shut down. Oh well, here's the memorial ride I put together (with your old pal alice b. toeclips!)