Wednesday, February 06, 2008

David Sylvester: Doing his best each moment

David Sylvester describes himself as "A man, just a regular guy." David's story, no make that David's life, is an example of what can be done by choosing a vehicle, choosing a direction and doing your best.

David's life is out there on the road. His story is here:


Anonymous said...

Do you think Sylvester would've survived this accident, had he been riding?

B safe out there


"What's your conscious decision?"

Anonymous said...

Great post Kent. Appreciate many of the posts you've had over the last few months. The stories you share truly reinforce within me that it's more than just about bicycling..... It's about sharing ideas with others and asking yourself how can you make this world a better place than how you found it? How can I leave a positive impact while minimizing the environmental impact of my being? Keep up the great work!

Bob G
Granite Bay, CA

Dan Gurney said...


I check your blog daily, looking for stories like this. Bikes may be a focal point in pictures of our lives; the background is just as important. I really enjoyed your "Story of Stuff" and Jackie Phelan posts, too.

I'm going to share Sylvester's story on my blog.

Thanks for sharing these stories, Kent.

Dan Gurney
Sebastopol, CA

Anonymous said...

There are good rides and there are better rides.

A good ride is fun and enjoyable. A better ride leaves the car in the driveway.

A good ride is safe and courteous. A better ride spreads good cheer amongst the motorists we share the road with and earns mutual respect.

A good ride exercises the body. A better ride sets the spirit free.

David Sylvester shows us a much better ride.