Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Survive I-5 "Bike Bus"

Here in the Seattle area they are closing some lanes of Interstate 5 for a couple of weeks for some road construction. Based on the hype in the news media, this is something of a huge disaster, on par with Y2K. You remember Y2K, when all our computers failed and the sun exploded and we all had to flee our old world and settle here? Oh wait, maybe it didn't quite happen that way. Anyhow folks are freaking out and we've been fielding calls from concerned folks who are trying to figure out if they can maybe get to work without driving.

The folks in the Cascade Bike Club Educational Foundation have a pretty good page with some solutions and one of the things they want to try is setting up some "bike buses" which are not really buses they are people joining together on their bike commutes. So far a couple of Bike Alliance members have stepped up to lead commutes. You can see what I'm talking about here:


What I did for my "bike bus" is stabilize the times and put in place some meet-up points for my regular commute. On Thursday I'll see if anybody joins in.

BTW, my counterpart in Cascade, a nice fellow named Chris Cameron, had the good sense to schedule his vacation this week. That Chris is always thinking at least a couple of moves ahead!

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