Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Race

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Race started yesterday, June 15th 2007, at high noon. A record-setting 25 racers took off from Port Roosville, MT. Thanks to this Web 2.0 age we live in and the efforts of some amazingly hard-working folks, you can follow along here:

and here:

I'm pretty much glued to the coverage and I wish the best of luck to all the racers, but I have to confess that I'm probably rooting the hardest for Dave Nice. I'd love to see Dave set the fixed gear record for the GDR.


The Perl Hacker Painter said...

Yeah Dave Nice! Hometown hero boy! Awesome guy! And whiskey distiller!

This blog is getting weird for me: first you talk about my friend Mark Stosberg and the, "Know the average speed of a car is depressing" article and then Mr. Nice there - which I see at the coffee shops and random places whilst out riding.

The world is a very small place. Or I'm just riding more. Whichever :)

Jill Homer said...

I too am pulling the most for Dave. He's going to have a tough time, but deep down I believe he can do it. Anyway, I find it interesting the kind of "following," if you will, that Dave has generated. He's by no means a top racer. He's doing it on a fixie, which is hardcore, although I think the majority of the cycling community doesn't even really understand just how much more tough a fixie ride (or singlespeed, for that matter) really is.

I think it's because Dave is just a really genuine guy. I wish the world for him.

Thanks for the post, Kent.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kent,

We swapped mails a few yeasr back when I was about to embark on a 3 day race on my ss in South Africa. I thouhgt I'd send you some links about a Great Divide type race here and the blog of a guy who's busy riding it ss.

and also on the official site :


nollij said...

I too am rooting hard for Dave. I participated in the fatcyclist raffle for Dave to help him ride this race, mostly because I'm still mad about the asshat who stole his rig last year. GO DAVE! I'm ashamed to say that in the process of living my life, I missed the beginning of the GRD, which I'd been looking forward to for months, but lost track of time and when it started exactly...DOH!