Sunday, November 06, 2005

Please allow me to introduce myself

I'm a man of wealth and taste. No, not really. I am a guy who rides his bike anywhere from 10,000 to 12,000 miles per year and I sometimes write about bicycles. Sometimes my words appear in the magazine Dirt Rag where they pay me the princely sum of 10 cents per word. So just think about what a bargain you are getting by reading this stuff for free!

In the current issue of Dirt Rag (#117) you can read about my ride last summer racing the length of the Continental Divide on my single speed mountain bike. That article in an excerpt from a longer work, my book in progress called "The Way of the Mountain Turtle."

Back in issue #112, I wrote a preview of the Great Divide Race called "Dreaming of the Divide." One of the many neat things about Dirt Rag is that they archive the contents of back issues on the web, so thanks to the wonder of the internet, you can read that article here.

Also in that issue was a brief bio that is as good an introduction as I can squeeze into a few words. So here it is:

Kent Peterson is a slow learner who worked as a software engineer for too many years until he finally figured out that if he stopped paying three dollars for each cup of coffee, he could afford to have a lot more fun. He developed a taste for cheap coffee and now works as a mechanic at Sammamish Valley Cycle in Redmond, Washington.

When he's not at the shop or spending time with his beautiful and amazingly patient wife, it's a pretty safe bet that he's out riding his bike somewhere. Kent and Christine have two sons, Peter and Eric, and a cat that's useless in a rodent-free environment. Nobody in the family owns an automobile, but everyone (except the cat) has their own titanium spork.


Anonymous said...

Yo Kent!!

Ya went and got yerself a Blog eh? Looks great!!

Hey, 2 days past I go and get the mail and lo and behold there is a package from Cafe Press addressed to a certain Chloe.

She's ELATED!! Keep on the lookout for a envelope from a dazzled 6 year old who walks around saying, "The Mountain Turtle wrote about ME in a magazine!!"... which of course confuses the dickens out of everyone who hears her!

Thanks Again!!



Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Kent! Now, where is the RSS feed?

Neibaf said...

oh my goodness! You went hightech!
Kent!!! What's happening to you?

ride well!

Peace -- Fabien

Neibaf said...

oh my!
You went high tech!
Does this mean you will have index shifting on your bike soon?


- fabien