Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Our New Place in Eugene

We got moved into our new place in Eugene thanks to great help from friends. My pal Michael drove his VW van from his home in Portland to Eugene, parked at our new place. walked to the train station and took the Amtrak up to Seattle where I met him.

We then went to West Seattle where after a several hour delay, we rented a U-Haul. Michael has a drivers license (I don't) so he had to rent the truck.

We then drove out to Issaquah where we managed to free Christine and my son Eric from our apartment. The locking doorknob had seized up in the heat but with some strategic field engineering involving a big screwdriver and my Swiss Army knife, we managed to remove the knob and open the door. Michael, our friend John, my son Eric, Christine and I all spent the next few hours loading the truck. If you ever need to pack your entire life into a fifteen foot U-Haul truck, I recommend having friends who are good at playing Tetris. Around 9:00 PM we all went to the Issaquah Brew Pub for some well-earned dinner and refreshment.

Michael, Christine, Inkling (the cat) and I all piled into the truck Saturday morning and drove south. We stopped for a nice lunch at Michael's place in Portland and then rolled on to Eugene.

Our new place in Eugene is a cozy little duplex in a great neighborhood. We managed to cram all our stuff in it, but as Christine pointed out, "we have too much stuff." We really should have only brought two of our comfy bean bag chairs from Issaquah, that's all that will fit in our new living room. We have four. So if you're in Eugene and reading this and could use a couple of really nice bean bag chairs, let me know. Also books, we have too many books. I always say this and I always get more.

Anyhow, no pictures of the inside of our place yet because it's too crammed full and a lot of stuff is still in boxes. But it's going to be a great place for us. We're really digging Eugene so far.

More news in later posts.

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