Wednesday, July 01, 2015

My Eugene Commute & the Friendly People of Eugene

My new commute is 2.3 miles and most of it is on the bike path that runs alongside the Amazon Creek.

So far, I've been riding my Swifty scooter back and forth, but one of the perks of working at Bike Friday is that one of my first jobs will be building up my own personal Bike Friday (the company pays the cost of the raw materials). So for those of you wondering if I'm ever going to get back to posting about bikes, the answer is yes. Stay tuned for a whole lot of bike stuff. You may see a lot of stuff involving little wheels and folding bikes, but there will be bike stuff.

But the scooter does make me easy to recognize. This morning on my way to work Sally Hunt called out "Hey Kent!" Sally has been reading my blog for a while, she's a Bike Friday owner (she actually apologized for not being on her Bike Friday today!) and we'd met previously at the Seattle Bike Expo. Anyway, Sally said the blog posts from the tour Christine and I did out to Port Townsend a couple of years ago helped her quite a bit in planning her tour of the Olympic Peninsula and she wanted to welcome us to Eugene. She then presented me with a $25 gift certificate to Whirled Pies, the pizza place right near our new home!

Eugene is a great town and the people here have been so welcoming. On Sunday Alan (the co-founder of Bike Friday) stopped by our place with Popsicles and home-made potato salad to welcome us to the neighborhood. The guy working at the local ice-cream & coffee shop saw the Steal Your Face logo on my cap and told me where in town I could see a free live-stream of the Grateful Dead Chicago shows next weekend.

More later,

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