Friday, July 19, 2013

A Scooter Trip to Redmond

This has been a busy summer at the bike shop and often my days off from work involve relaxing by wandering around Issaquah with Christine, having breakfast at a local cafe or reading some terrific book. It's a good life but it doesn't generate a lot of compelling bike blog content, so I've been kind of quiet here. Christine still loves biking to work and we have a bike tour planned for September but these days I'm more likely to be seen scootering around town instead of biking.

Yesterday, after a terrific breakfast, I hopped on my NYCeWheels KickPed and rolled out toward Redmond. The trail from Issaquah to Sammamish is paved now, but at the Sammamish line it turns to gravel so I rode up the shoulder of the Parkway to Redmond.

This mother deer had two fawns with her (if you look close you can see one behind her) and she acted like she'd never seen a man on a kick scooter before.

The trail pavement resumes at the Redmond town line.

I stopped at a coffee shop and then headed over to the Redmond Library. I like this little bit of art.

The Friends of the Library have a sale shelf and I got these three books for the grand total of $1.75. This is what old hippies like me spend their money on.

I'm not the only one who uses a scooter to get around town. A kid who looked to be about three years old rolled up and parked his scooter at the bike rack just as I was leaving.

The geese were sunning themselves on a log in the Sammamish River.

I rolled towards home through Marymoor Park.

Back at the Sammamish line, I rolled back onto the shoulder of the Parkway.

I tend to find things when I wander about. Yesterday's find was a nice bundle of nylon cord.

This is the view south along the trail in Issaquah.

Along Gilman Boulevard, the peaches were ripe in the trees.

I was almost home, but I stopped to eat three peaches. They were delicious.

I'm still kind of amazed at how easy it is for me to rack up miles on the scooter. Google maps tells me the Redmond Library is 14 miles from my home, but it didn't feel far. It felt fun.

Keep 'em rolling,

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah, WA USA


nostunk said...

I enjoy your scooter posts. I haven't put many miles on the Goped I recently purchased...mainly due to the FL heat and humidity. I find my bike more appealing in summer as I can go faster with less effort and don't end up arriving at my destination soaking wet. I'm looking forward to winter when I plan to put it to good use for my short trips.

Leedo said...

I saw you riding yesterday on ELSP! My thought process went like this...

"Why would anyone want to ride a scooter on ELSP?"

A little later...

"Hmmm. I'll bet that was Kent. He's the only guy I know that scoots any real distance."

Keep it up!

Unknown said...

Yes, he is Kent.

Sam J said...

How did you carry your books home? And if you leave home with an empty backpack, aren't you just daring yourself to buy something?