Thursday, March 21, 2013

Road Hazzards Motorized Bicycle Club

They are a rough looking bunch. I'm in no-man's land, the rough border country where Fremont ends and Ballard begins, heading to a meeting involving a woman in a donut shop, some maps and plans that I'd rather not reveal at this point. But these hombres have taken over the sidewalk and a chunk of the street. Maybe I can scoot on by.

"Oh, I'm sorry," one of of the wild bunch calls out, "Let me get this out of your way." He goes to move his bike.

"No worries," I say, "I've got plenty of room. Nice bike."

"Nice scooter," the dude replies, "Ya got a motor on it?"

"Nah, just me. You guys mind if I take a few pictures?"

The guys don't mind at all. The chatty dude explains their club, The Road Hazzards Motorized Bicycle Club. "No membership dues, but you need a bike with a motor. Heck, a scooter with a motor would be OK." The dude isn't quite sure on this last point and consults with his pals. "Yeah, it doesn't have to be a bike, a scooter would be fine. But it really should have a motor. Gas is fine, electric's fine. The important thing is having fun."

The guys do have awesome jackets and great bikes. A couple of the bikes are heavily modified 1954 Firestones.

I have to be on my way but I snap these pictures before I scoot off. "Check out our website, one of them says as I leave, "and join us for a ride if you ever decide to put a motor on that thing!"

Keep 'em rolling,

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah, WA USA
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