Friday, June 19, 2009

Lower Gear & Less Hair

The Livestrong Ride is on Sunday and I'm doing my final prep. I swapped out my 42 tooth chainring for a 38 tooth one. Four less teeth, two less chain links and a gear a bit lower for the climbs. But mostly, I'm counting on my "reverse-Samson" strategy -- I get stronger with less hair. So this is how I spent the first bit of this morning.

After getting most of the hair off with the trimmer, I finished things off with a couple of passes with a razor. Here is the result.

Of course, folks who know me know that I wear a cycling cap almost all the time, so I mostly look like this.

Sunday I ride. Look for photos and a report from the Seattle Livestrong Ride here sometime Monday. I've started doing that Twitter thing (still not sure how I feel about that) but I'll probably tweet live from the ride on Sunday via my Peek. I'm kentsbike on Twitter.

Keep 'em rolling,

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