Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Help Mark Help Fatty Help Lance Beat Cancer

Are you sick of me talking about the Livestrong Ride yet? Well, too bad, because I'm going to talk about it some more. It's less than three weeks away and my buddy Fatty has just tossed yet another incentive into the pile. You can read all about it on Fatty's blog.

Now here's the deal, I've already passed my fund-raising goal, thanks to the generosity of a whole bunch of you folks, so I just want to say thanks. No, you really don't need to pledge any more money to my ride. I will do the hilly hundred mile route bald, on a single speed, in honor of all the people who are doing much harder things every day fighting against cancer. But I am going to ask you folks out there in blog land for one more thing.

My friend Mark Vande Kamp is a great guy and last December he also signed up as part of Team Fatty to do the Seattle Livestrong Ride. But Mark has been slow out of the fund-raising gate. I think he's still trying to find his shoes or something. Mark actually has no idea I'm writing this right now, but I'm thinking a few well-placed pledges might be just the thing to get Mark to the starting line on June 21st. I won't even insist that he shave his head. His pledge page is here. Every $5 raised on Mark's page between now and June 7th gets Mark a chance at winning the Rev-30 wheels pictured at the top of this post. They are just the kind of thing Mark would never buy for himself but that I bet he'd really like if he got a chance to ride them. And, of course, all the pledges go to a great cause.

Thanks again folks and thanks to Fatty for spurring us into action.

Keep 'em rolling,

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