Saturday, May 09, 2009

Pictures from a trip to Olympia

I had a nice trip down to Olympia, despite headwinds and intermittent rain. I still travel with too much stuff but the kit is getting more compact. I'd started a longer blog post, which I've just nuked in favor of a series of shorter thoughts that should be filling this space over the next while. For now, enjoy some pictures from the road to Evergreen and back again.

Keep 'em rolling,



Art said...

Greetings Kent, do you have a cue sheet for the ride?

Kent Peterson said...

No cue sheet but the general route to Olympia was Issaquah to Ravensdale to Kanaskat to Cumberland to Buckley to South Prairie to Kapowsin to Yelm to Rainier to Lacy to Olympia.

Going home the route was Olympia to Shelton to Union to Belfair to Bremerton. Take the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle and then Seattle to Issaquah.

Will said...

How long did it take you? I'm trying to work up the courage to do a Seattle to Oly ride but I'm a little nervous.

Kent Peterson said...

I wasn't going for speed and had a pretty nasty headwind (see the windsock picture for proof). It took about 10.5 hours to get from Issaquah to Olympia. Coming back via Shelton, Belfair and Bremerton, it's a straighter shot to Seattle and it was about 9 hours to Bremerton. After the ferry ride, the ride from Seattle to Issaquah is another hour and half. so the rolling time on the return turned out to be about the same. I don't have a computer on Special Ed and I haven't bothered to plot out the course, but I tend to go about 12 miles per hour on the road on these trips.