Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fight Cancer, Win a Kona Cadabra

My pal (and I know he's my pal because he's mocked me on his blog) Elden "the Fat Cyclist" Nelson is continuing in his quest to raise something like fifty-seven trillion dollars to fight cancer. Maybe it's not quite fifty-seven trillion, but it's a lot and Elden is good at coming up with fund raising schemes that are actually quite fun. He talked me into doing the Seattle Livestrong Ride next month as part of Team Fatty and thanks to the generosity of a bunch of you, I've raised over 500 bucks for this good cause.

Fatty's latest plan not only will raise a lot of money, anybody who pledges will be entered into a contest to win the bike you see at the top of this blog post. Cool, eh? You can read all about it on Fatty's site.

Now while you can read about the contest on Fatty's site, I'm going to ask that instead of pledging some bucks there, you go here instead. That's my Livestrong Page. Same cause, same deal. Same odds of you winning.

OK, according to the way Fatty has set it up, every time somebody pledges through my Livestrong Page between now and midnight MDT May 25th, I actually get a chance of winning the bike. Me, as in not you.

But here's the deal. Look at that bike. It's light. It's got gears. It's got shocks. It's just so not my kind of thing. So if I win the bike, I'll draw from the list of folks who pledged through my Livestrong Page this week and one of those lucky people will get the bike.

But wait, there's more. OK, not a lot more. I don't have a lot of those big, famous blogger connections like Fatty does but anyone who pledges through my Livestrong Page between now and midnight MDT May 25th and emails me at kentsbike(at)gmail.com will get a Livestrong wristband. And if one of you great pledgers wins the bike, I'll shave my head the day before the Livestrong ride.

But finally, there is one more reason to pledge through my Livestrong Page. It will send a signal to Fatty, a loud, clear signal, that we are fighting against cancer and that helmet mirrors are cool. C'mon, you know they are. And recumbents are pretty cool too.

So dig deep and pledge what you can.

Thanks and keep 'em rolling.

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