Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bike Works Bicycle Caps

When people think of Bike Works they might think about our programs for kids, our bike recycling efforts, community outreach and the low, low prices at our shop. But that is not the entire story. At great personal risk, I managed to sneak these spy photos of the appalling conditions in the Bike Works sweatshop where the oppressed workers (Tina, Rose, Joe and Davey) toil at the silk screen machine on fine Italian-made 100% cotton caps making them into marketing propaganda for the corporate empire that is Bike Works.

If your conscience can live with knowing that these pour souls subsist on bread and water (OK, the bread might be light, flaky croissants from the Columbia City Bakery, while the water is heated and filtered through shade-grown organic coffee beans) you could buy one of these caps for $13. Actually these capitalists are so crafty that they managed to create this supply of caps on payday, so I wound up buying both a black cap and an orange one for myself. As of this writing we have a good stash of caps in at the shop but if history is any indicator, they'll sell out quickly.

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