Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Barack Obama Spoke Card

As I mentioned previously on this blog, I'm supporting Senator Obama in the current presidential race. The recent proposals by Senators McCain and Clinton for a summer gas tax holiday, which Senator Obama opposes, are just more evidence to me that I'm backing the candidate most aligned with my personal values. And, as near as I know, he's the only candidate with his own spoke card. I went to:

and sent them a buck. A few days later I got this spoke card in the mail.

I certainly understand that not everyone shares my political views and I hunted around the web looking for Clinton or McCain spoke cards, but I came up empty. So if you support one of those candidates (or Ron Paul or whomever) and you come up with a spoke card, post a link to it in the comment section here. There are a lot of cyclists out there. We don't have bumpers, but we do have spokes. And a lot of us vote.

Keep 'em rolling.
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