Sunday, March 18, 2007

Some pictures from the SIR 200K

I haven't written a report yet or really edited the photos, but I slapped a bunch of pictures from yesterday's SIR 200K at:

Kent Peterson
Issaquah WA USA


JoeDell said...

Does the dude in the rear have fenders? I know it looks dry, but I thought they were required gear.

Kent Peterson said...

For SIR rides fenders are recommended, but not required, gear. Peer pressure, severe mocking and overall comfort usually are enough to convert folks to the way of the fender. On short events like the Populaire and the 200K, you see more of the fenderless folks

beth h said...

I am happy to report that every rider at the Snoozeville populaire last weekend had fenders on his/her bike. No peer pressure required.
Your ride looked like fun, even in the rain.
I gotta find a way to get up there for one of your 100k's this year!

JoeDell said...

Ahhh, it's funny that you call the 200K a short event. For you, short, for me, really long. I'll be riding my first tcouple of century's this year.

Also, After reading your accounts of the Continental Divide ride/race on the SS, I read different accounts of your gearing. I read you used 32:16, but I also recall reading 32:17 (though I do not remember where I read it). Can you clear this up?

Kent Peterson said...

Hey Joe,

The Monocog came stock with 32:16 gearing and I rode it that way for about the first six months I had it, but figuring the load I'd be carrying for the GDR and the terrain, I switched the gearing to 32:17 in February of 2005 and that's the gearing I used in the race.

You can read about the evolution of the Monocog at the
Monocog Log