Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The TerraCycle Accessory Mount

Pat Franz at TerraCycle is a really clever guy. His company makes nifty things for recumbents and other bicycles. Pat recently sent me a TerraCycles Multi-purpose Accessory Mount and I'm really impressed with both the design and construction of this little device.

As shown above, I used the mount to attach a headlight low on the fork blade of my bike but you can get the mount with various clamps and a couple of different arm lengths to allow a wide range of options. TerraCycles page here:


shows a bunch of different configurations. Recumbent riders often have to be creative when figuring out ways to mount lights, cycle computers and other accessories, but randonneurs and a variety of gadget junkies face similar problems. The accessory mount is very solid because the twin arms let you form a nicely triangulated structure. I've found that having a second light mounted low lets my light cast a nice beam for illuminating upcoming potholes and other nasty things.

The accessory mount costs $29 and it's made in Portland Oregon by cool folks who care about bicycles.
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