Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Snow Again in Issaquah

We got an inch of snow last night, not a big traffic-snarling storm, but enough to make things white and make me feel smart for having snow-studs on my bike.

I don't ride very far or fast, just up to Redmond and back. It's warmer and greener by the river. A heron stands patiently, eyeing the water, waiting for lunch to swim by.


Mike C said...

So much for being worried that the mere act of popping for the Nokians would ward off wintry weather for the rest of the season, eh?

Me, I'm just envying you riding at all... I crashed hard on my way to work last Thursday (on clear, dry pavement on a familiar route, 100% my own fault and nobody elses') and got me a busted pelvis. Trying to save 60 seconds by sprinting for a green light = 12 weeks out of the saddle, minimum... sigh.

Man, I just don't bounce at 40 the way I did at 18...

Kent Peterson said...

Whoa Mike, that's a major bummer. Even though you're pelvis is cracked, I'm glad to see your sense of humor is still intact. (For anybody reading these comments, be sure you click on the "mike c" above to see what I mean.)

Heal up and use the down time to plot out some new adventures.