Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Usenet Bicycle Archives

A bunch of of interesting bikelore is collected here:

Among other things you'll find many postings the legendary and somewhat gruff Jobst Brandt, the author of The Bicycle Wheel. You may not agree with everything the man has to say, but he is a fellow who has ridden many thousands of miles and has spent a lot of time thinking and studying various aspects of cycling. In the archive you'll find out why he doesn't like Polarized glasses or Sturmey-Archer hubs but there is a host of other stuff in there as well.

For the record, I agree with Jobst on the glasses issue but I think Sturmey-Archer hubs are super nifty. I guess that I'm one of those guys Jobst was describing when he said "Most folks only use top gear with a tailwind or when idling along."
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